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Nimue and Arthur.


Cursed, a new R-rated fantasy series on Netflix reimagining Arthurian legends, has a lot on its plate. A coming-of-age tale following a young Nimue, aka the Lady of the Lake, its 10 episodes try to juggle war, a love story, a medieval land-spanning quest and a famous destiny that’s ripe to be subverted.

Yet after a promising start, it becomes clear Cursed doesn’t have a firm grasp on what kind of show it wants to be, failing to tie all those elements into one connected entity. Torn between young adult drama and R-rated violence, Cursed seems to decide it’s best to wander into Game of Thrones territory, with political intrigue and a single impressive one-shot battle sequence.

The sweeping English valleys are beautiful, and some of the imagery evokes co-creator Frank Miller’s comics — Sin City, 300 and the graphic novel the show is based on. But disappointingly, Cursed’s biggest, yep, curse, comes down to its main character.

The show ultimately fails its young female protagonist, who has all the cool promise of a sword-wielding heroine destined to lead her people to freedom. Instead, Nimue flounders in romance and absurd decision-making, with no real personality that lets her shine as the powerful enchantress she’s set up to be.

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