Most moms cannot wait to find out the baby’s their gender. They play guessing games, research old wives’ tales, and anxiously buy everything yellow and green. Truth be told, our bodies are often giving us hints of what gender our little bundle of joy is going to be. Women often experience a variety of symptoms while pregnant with a boy that a woman pregnant with a girl may not experience. The signs are usually subtle, but some are smack dab right in front of us.

If we are being totally honest, there are a handful of pregnancy symptoms that can just be weird. It makes them a little better if we can use them to guess if our little bundle of joy is a boy or a girl. Guessing by pregnancy symptoms might be a little more pleasant than mixing our urine with baking soda which is another common test women have used to try and guess the gender of their baby. While none of these symptoms or old wives’ tales can tell us for sure what our baby is going to be, it gives us something to do during those early weeks of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy is exciting and nerve-wracking so it is nice to have some fun with it (and some of those more unpleasant symptoms) while we count down the months, weeks, and days until our bundle of joy makes his or her arrival.

15 Boy: Wide Nose

Pregnancy impacts the shape and size of many of our body parts. While we expect the changes in places like our feet, buttocks, and hands, not many women expect their facial features to change much just because of pregnancy. Some women have actually experienced their nose widening during pregnancy. It sounds like a strange symptom. What is even odder is that this pregnancy symptom is commonly associated with the baby’s gender being a boy.

Sure our faces might change a bit during pregnancy in the means that they usually swell thanks to water retention. Some of us spend those last few weeks walking around looking like we just got our wisdom teeth out thanks to this great symptom. Swelling usually goes down though after delivery. It is up in the air whether or not our noses will go back to normal if they widen.

14 Girl: Morning Sickness

Moms who are expecting a little girl are usually also the moms who experience morning sickness. For many women this was the biggest hint towards what baby’s gender is. Those who are expecting baby boys usually end up getting away with no or very little morning sickness. Aren’t they lucky?

Like most old wives’ tales there really isn’t a scientific reason behind why we experience more morning sickness with a girl pregnancy than a boy pregnancy. We just know how awful morning sickness is. In fact, there is no for sure scientific reasoning behind why we get morning sickness at all. It’s just a mysterious joy of pregnancy. It’s likely got a lot to do with the changes in our hormones which can be different depending on baby’s sex. So it really isn’t an exact science, but it is a fun guessing game and hint.

13 Boy: Acne

Nothing reminds us more of those awkward puberty days than acne. Lucky for us, we get to deal with acne in our adult years as well. Those of us who lucked out and have always had great skin might even suffer from acne during pregnancy. Zits surely do not discriminate. The presence of these obnoxious, unwanted blemishes can be a huge hint that our baby will be a boy.

No matter how consistent or perfect our skin care routine is all bets are totally out the window when we are pregnant. Our skin does some funky things as a result of all of our hormone changes. We get acne in spots and places that we usually never have before. This skin issue is most common when we are expecting little boys.

12 Girl: Higher Heart Rate

We absolutely love hearing our little one’s heartbeat for the first time. It is a heart melting moment where we realize there is truly a little person in there. While this is not a for sure hint to what we are carrying, most signs point that babies with a heart rate over 140 BPM are girls.

There are plenty of us who found this not to be true, but there are tons of moms who swore they knew from the moment they first heard that little baby’s heartbeat. This old wives’ tale has been around for awhile now and is all in good fun. It doesn’t involve any nasty pregnancy symptoms or really doing anything out of the ordinary. Most women hear baby’s heartbeat at each doctor’s appointment so it is fun and easy to make a guess then.

11 Boy: #1 Looks Darker

Our urine can actually tell us A LOT. After all, it is likely how we found out we were pregnant in the first place. Few people know that our urine might also be a hint as to what our baby’s gender is. Dark urine can be a sign that our baby is a boy. Some women clearly pay a great deal of attention to their urine to figure this trait out. Maybe logging the shade and darkness of your pee is not for you. That’s okay too because dark urine could also mean that mom needs to drink more water. It may not be a theory that we should use to make big decisions like painting the nursery, but it can be a fun hint.

Dark urine is usually darker in color such as a bright yellow. Many of us have learned that when our pee is bright yellow to drink more water. No matter how much water we drink though it may not change color. Or we might be so hydrated our urine looks more like water than yellow anyways and never get to play this game.

10 Girl: Oily Skin

Pregnancy does some weird things to our skin. We get rashes, breakouts, and stretch marks. It can also impact whether our skin is dry or oily as well. The theory is that if mom has oily skin during pregnancy, she is carrying a little girl. We of course blame this on our hormones because well everything is their fault during those nine months of pregnancy.

For some women, this can be totally great because they usually experience dry skin. For those of us who already have oily skin, it feels like we are blotting our faces or just dripping oil all over. It isn’t always a good thing or a bad thing, but it can be a sign as to whether our nursery should be pink or blue. If we find ourselves continuously shiny maybe we should start looking at all of those adorable pink outfits.

9 Boy: Cold Feet

One fun idea is that if mom has cold feet during her pregnancy, she is carrying a boy. There’s really no science behind why baby’s gender would impact this or why people even starting believing this crazy idea to begin with. If we find ourselves investing in extra fuzzy socks or slippers during our pregnancy, maybe we should consider painting the nursery blue. There is still a fifty-fifty shot so maybe we shouldn’t make any big decisions because it could just be that we should remember it is winter time.

It’s a pretty silly concept, but it can be a nice distraction when we are waiting 40 weeks for our little bundle of joy to make his or her appearance. We can just snuggle up and enjoy it, but maybe we shouldn’t use this theory to place any bets.

8 Girl: Mood Swings

Maybe this is our body’s way of preparing us for life when our daughter is a teenager. We aren’t exactly sure why. It could be the extra estrogen and hormones. That’s a pretty likely cause. So many women feel like they are extra moody or experience mood swings more often while pregnant with a little girl. Our husbands certainly enjoy it.

It isn’t that we want to cry over things like spilled milk, running out of orange juice, or not being able to find our phone charger. It just happens. Suddenly these things that are usually no big deal have us in tears before we even realize it. Sometimes they turn us into anger filled monsters for a brief moment as well. It is important to remind ourselves (and those around us) that it is only temporary, and we will have control over our emotions in a few short months.

7 Boy: Dry Hands

While girls can give their mothers oily skin, boys can cause mom to have dry hands (and skin). We know that baby sucks a whole lot of nutrients from us, but do they really suck the moisture from our bodies too? Not exactly. We might want to invest in some extra moisturizer during this time and hope that things go back to normal after delivery.

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No one really enjoys dry hands. They can be annoying, unpleasant, and even painful. Some believe that they are a sign that our bundle of joy is a boy, and no one even knows why. This might be something we want to add to our gender prediction equation if we have one going, but it probably isn’t a trait that we want to make bets off alone.

6 Girl: High Belly

How we carry our baby is something that people will talk about constantly while we are pregnant. People will constantly comment on the shape and size of our belly during pregnancy. They will even assume our baby’s gender or make guesses about it because of how high or low our belly is.

It is a pretty common theory that women have been hearing for ages. If our belly is high throughout pregnancy, it is likely that we are carrying a girl according to the wives’ tale. Normally bellies do drop towards the end of pregnancy as baby gets ready to come out. But if they spent some time playing in our ribs, should we start looking at pink clothing? This idea has rung around fifty-fifty for accuracy as we all carry babies differently to begin with.

5 Boy: Low Belly

If our belly is high, many people think it is a girl. Well if our belly is low, people suspect that we are expecting a little boy. There is no actual reasoning behind why women would carry each gender differently; however, many women said this was true for their pregnancies. So while our little girls might kick us in the ribs, boys might be putting extra pressure on our hip bones or bladder.

Obviously this does not take into account that moms have all different body types and carry babies differently, but it is something that has been around for ages. Whether or not this is mom’s first baby may also play a role in how low or high her belly is. It can also impact if she shows sooner or gets bigger because our uterus already knows what to do.

4 Girl: Thin Or Dull Hair

A great deal of people will tell us that when we are pregnant with little girls that they “steal our beauty.” Now that isn’t always the case, but when it comes to our hair it can definitely suffer during pregnancy. As we all know baby takes whatever he or she needs from us leaving mom to suffer or lack if she isn’t getting sufficient nutrition (and sometimes even if she is).

Who would have thought that our little girls would be stealing our shiny locks before they are even born? While pregnant with a little girl, it is more common to experience thinner or even dull hair. This is just preparation for the wonderful things that can happen to our hair postpartum as well. At least it isn’t falling out yet, right? Don’t worry that wonderful part happens whether we are pregnant with a boy or a girl.

3 Boy: Shiny And Glossy Hair

When pregnant with a little boy, we may find ourselves wondering how we suddenly ended up in a shampoo commercial because all of the sudden we have great hair. Seriously, it is like overnight we became the woman who flips her hair and admires her luscious locks 100 times a day. It is definitely a positive trait of being pregnant with a little boy. Enjoy it! It is one of the more pleasant symptoms that we can experience while pregnant.

It may just be temporary, and we’ll still likely experience the same postpartum hair loss as everyone else. Our hair may change permanently though after a pregnancy, hopefully for the better. Who wouldn’t enjoy having shiny and glossy hair right? It’s something that we should definitely appreciate and enjoy even if it is only temporary.

2 Girl: Left-Sided

Our girls certainly change while we are expecting. Some people even believe that our girls can tell us whether our little bundle of joy is a girl or a boy. A larger left breast is said to mean that we are pregnant with a baby girl.

Things stretch and grow and our girls are no exception. They are filling with milk and getting prepared for breastfeeding, whether we decide to do it or not. They do start to change around the first trimester which can actually be one of the first symptoms of pregnancy that we notice.

This theory does not take into account that we may be lopsided before pregnancy which may impact how they look while we are pregnant. We can just hope that the ladies even out after pregnancy and breastfeeding because we don’t want to be lopsided forever.

1 Boy: Right-Sided

Just as a larger left breast might be a tell-tale sign we are expecting a little girl, a larger right breast might mean we are expecting a little boy. Those traits are pretty fifty-fifty just like our belly being high or low. It really might be something that we deal with only during pregnancy or it could have been a previous issue.

Once we have baby and our milk comes in, we might be lopsided the other way. There’s really no rhyme or reason behind why one breast gets bigger than the other during pregnancy. We can blame weight gain, stretching, hormones, and swelling but we do not know which one is actually at fault. This can be a fun little guessing game, but it certainly is not an exact science.



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